I am Adam Oriti,

Welcome to my new website and the beginning of phase 2. 

I have been painting and selling my art for homes and businesses for just over 15 years (Phase 1). I have painted literally thousands of abstract works that I have sold purely online all over the world.

I work from a humble studio currently in Brisbane and keep well to myself away from the typical art world. Except when I jump onto Facebook or Steemit to show my followers my new works or sell commission pieces based on past works. It is also a place that showcases pretty much my entire past art life!

Whether you have just found me or one of my loyal followers I look forward to continuing my art journey from a 3 year break from what I now call Phase 1 of my art career and I hope you continue to follow me into Phase 2 as I start to dabble in photography, digital art and a how-to-book I am writing. Definitely a huge new venture and challenge!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my brand new website. If you like what you see or interested in what I am about to be doing, please sign up for my newsletter, my blog at Steemit or pop back someday soon!


Statement and Bio

Adam Oriti – Artist & Award winning Photographer

I am a professional, self taught artist and photographer working on a full-time basis from my studio in Brisbane, Queensland. For the past 15 years I have been selling works online and in galleries around Australia. I primarily use mixed media on many levels, thus producing different styles of work either as single canvas or large scale abstract pieces in multi-panel format. Recently I have found a new love of Photography and digital art and plan on taking that much further.

I have recently returned to Brisbane after living in Melbourne for 14 years. The inspiration in Victoria was endless! In one moment you could be taking in the morning sunrise by the stunning Port Phillip Bay and then find yourself tasting some the finest wines at a local vineyard and winery just a short drive away. I am now rediscovering the inspiration the Sunshine State has to offer.

I often go for a long walk before I begin my work and when I get home, lock myself in the studio and begin to create with a clear mind. I make sure I don’t compromise the art with any of life’s little distractions by switching off the phone and putting on my favourite music. From this small ritual comes what you see.

I was told once, “It’s impressive the way you employ Colour”. I honestly think colour employs me, and I must work hard for it to bring out the best in what colour can give.

Either walking around the city, sitting in a cafe or taking in the sights looking over the bay, I see colour combinations, day and night, too hard to resist bringing alive on canvas or capturing through a lens.


Born in Brisbane, Queensland in 1973, Adam relocated to Melbourne in his mid 20’s. Bringing his talents along, he became a very prolific internationally collected abstract artist, having sold over 4000 works to private collectors, medical centres, hotels and businesses worldwide. The countries include: South Africa, Canada, U.S.A, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, France, Mexico, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Greece, India, Cayman Islands and of course Australia.

He has now returned to his childhood city for a while and hopes to head overseas to work in the near future.

Having always been creative as a child, he is mainly self-taught but studied art in various tertiary institutions and private galleries. He has been painting professionally for the last 15 years.

A research and development trip to the USA in 2012 for art ideas and inspiration took a totally different turn than expected. A new love of photography was born. After returning home, editing images and getting more excited about this new found love he booked another 2 trips to the USA for the next year, this time for his photographic journeys. It’s still early days, but he is more excited than ever.

In the past he has painted in acrylic and watercolour on various mediums including: hardboard, stretched canvas, canvas boards and paper. Other achievements include having a successful range of handmade clocks and greetings cards in the early 90’s, writing a book of poetry and thoughts, designing a fun range of Room Screens, studying scriptwriting, starting his art career online and winning two first places in a photographic competition, Victoria Walks.

His beautiful styles in painting and photography with his eclectic use of colour and movement, shows true originality in his work.

In Adams latest venture, the digital medium, he is already winning over new fans all over the world. Stay tuned, some great work to come!